Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

be happy...



confident .........


be confident...

tau ga seh.....

ternyata ga pede itu berasal dari lingkungan keluarga awal na..

klo di dlm keluarga kamu terbiasa mengemukakan pendapat pasti na kamu akan lebih bebas dalam berbicara apapun itu...

trust me !!


make your self comfort in your home !!

look !!

"I had purchased your DVD's to help me overcome my fear of public speaking. I had about six or seven presentations to give in the early part of November '07 and I was desperate. As I thought about my fears, they started to become worse as the time to present approached. I informed my wife that I would be making this purchase and she was to say the least very skeptical. She thought it would be a waste of my money.

Once I started participating in the program, I became psyched by the possibility that maybe, just maybe this might be the ticket to overcoming my fears once and for all. I listened to the lady who was narrating throughout the program. She gave me the confidence to go deep inside my beliefs and truly look at what could possibly be holding me back.

A week later I did my first presentation to approximately 120 people and believe it or not I actually enjoyed it. I'm not one to approve or endorse any product or program. But I feel so strongly about your program, that if it helped me to overcome my fears then I need to share this experience with you in the hope that it might be able to help someone else overcome their fear of public speaking.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

take a peek ...

I usually have notes hidden around the stage, but the audience
never knows that I'm looking at them.

I look at my notes that are lying flat on my table when

1. The audience is laughing
2. When I'm pushing buttons on my laptop
3. When I walk past the table looking down and holding my chin
as if I'm thinking.
4. When I go to the table to pick up a prop or piece of paper.
5. When the audience is watching short videos on the screen.

Some people tape their notes to the floor when they are on a
raised stage, but I don't like that because you have to look down
too often for no apparent reason.

Another good trick is to lightly pencil in notes to yourself on
the edge of flip chart pages. The audience can't see them, but
you can when you are near the flipchart.

Humor Strategies ;>

=> Don't signal your punch line. If the humor in your punch line
depends upon the words "ruptured camel," don't say the following:
Did you hear the one about the ruptured camel?

=> Don't EVER repeat a punch line! Once the surprise is revealed,
the joke is history. I'll repeat this, but I don't want to hear
you repeating any punch lines. Let me repeat. Don't EVER repeat a
punch line. Don't EVER repeat a punch line. NEVER repeat a punch
line. You'll be shot by the humor firing squad if you repeat a
punch line. OK. I'll let you repeat one, but only under certain
circumstances. Here's the exception. If you had a joke or punch
line that bombed miserably, you can call it back later to make
fun of yourself.

=> You must absolutely, positively memorize your punch line. You
should be able to awaken out of a deep sleep in an earthquake
and, without hesitation, deliver your punch line accurately. Give
all the facts necessary for the joke to make sense. The humor is
lost if you leave out the necessary details.

=> NEVER, EVER explain your joke. If they don't understand, it's
your fault for telling the wrong joke to the wrong audience.

=> Use the fewest words possible to get to the punch line.
Brevity is truly the soul of wit (never use a worn out cliche
either). The longer the joke, the funnier it must be.

=> Don't walk around too much when telling a joke or story. I
walk, but I stop when important points are being made and when
I'm delivering a punch line.

=> If you use notes, highlight or mark upcoming jokes or stories
so they don't sneak up on you. They will need special emphasis.

=> Practice! Practice! Practice! I tell a joke or story 30 to 50
times in practice before I use it in a presentation.


Background music playing when participants enter a room is a
great way to set the mood for a NO ZZZZZs meeting or event.
It also makes you look like a more polished presenter. The
proper selection of music gets people in the right mood and
adds a touch of drama to the presentation. You can also use
music when the participants are leaving to give them a
pleasant atmosphere as they exit. Avoid turning music on or
off suddenly. It should always fade in and fade out slowly.

When selecting music, generally you would pick upbeat music
for upbeat presentations and slower music for more serious
ones. This is very subjective, but not usually too critical
unless you're the type who would play loud rock music at a
retirement home. If you have no clue how to pick music, get
some expert help or buy music designed for presentations
from a training supply company that has labels that tell you
when to use it.

If you are on a tight budget and can't arrange for
professional sound equipment, don't worry. In small rooms a
decent boom box will suffice. If you are in a larger room,
you can put the microphone that will be used for the
presentation in front of the speaker of the boom box. This
will send the music through the room's sound system.


Last Minute Practice...

If you happen to be staying in a hotel in a room next to mine,
it is very likely you would hear parts of my upcoming speech
bellowing through the walls.

Even after the enormous number of presentations I've done I still
practice my stories and various bits of material the night before
my event. I heard Zig Ziglar saying that he does the same thing.

Unless you are speaking every day, it is almost impossible to
stay razor sharp with your delivery. Being a keynote / large
event speaker, I may go 90 - 120 days between times when I tell
certain stories on stage. The last thing I want to do is flub up
a line or bumble through a piece of material because I hadn't
thought about it for a couple months.

Don't get cockey! Practice your material several times right
before you do your speech and you'll have a much greater chance
that each word will come out perfectly.